Multilingual Digital Marketing

Multilingual search is growing at phenomenal pace. It is said 95% of Foreigners search Google in their native language first. Compared to English web search people find it more effortless to type the keywords in their local language first to locate what they want. If they fail to get appropriate results in their local language then they look for alternative search in English language. But again as English not being their native language, set of keywords used will have local language influence.


Say you are an Electrical Switch manufacturer and are looking to get potential clients using Internet search engine, this is what you should consider.

An American would go to and type “switch supplier” and do try to find supplier by browsing through the search results. If it would be in Germany a person would type the keyword query something like “Switch Lieferant” to find suitable supplier. Again if a French man would be searching, he would type “switch le fournisseur”

Imagine how people would search for your products and where do you stand in the Multilingual search? Companies are spending huge amount in optimizing English language keywords, very few realize the importance of Multilingual SEO program, and our experience reveals that cost of acquiring multilingual keyword click is less than getting English keyword CTR.

We do Multilingual SEO in Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, French, German, Italian and several other popularly known languages across the globe. We have team of native language speaking people, who help us to bridge the language and content gap.

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