Multilingual Online marketing helps specialty Chemical manufacturer sell across the Globe

Multilingual Online marketing helps specialty Chemical manufacturer sell across the Globe

Our client is specialty chemical manufacturer based out of Chicago, IL they make epoxy based formulation which is used from Electrical, Construction, Electronic to Automotive industry, their clients are based from USA to Japan and have sales offices and representatives in more than 25 countries covering all continents.


They have spent several thousand Dollars last year 2018 creating a brand new website, new technical content has been created to educate customers on how their product can increase their product quality and reduce production cost, more technical user data sheet type information is shared over the website, but they have noticed that the readers come mainly from English speaking countries only, there is lot of business potential in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, France, China, Korea & Japan which they are not able to tap to the required potential as reaching out is an problem.


We have been working on multilingual marketing since over a decade and have helped several small to medium size companies accross the Globe to increase sales in countries were English is not primary first language of business. We created a multilingual webpage for each country and translated and created content in their native local language, all content was created keeping in view the local keyword search pattern.

Multilingual PPC and SEO Keywords were identified and implemented in each country of target, mostly local search terms were optimized and in result the client had higher web traffic, visitors downloaded technical data sheets and product technical notes, this help them to generate sales leads from these multilingual domains.


Foreign Export sales jumped 200% in 2018 lot of customers are interacting with their Technical support team to learn more about the products, as a result company is expecting to see jump in their sales revenue in 2019 by 400%